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New Word Universal Fellowship Church

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Welcome to New Word Universal Fellowship
Everyone, of all faiths and beliefs, races, nations, genders, and ages, are welcome here!
Welcome to the New Word Universal Fellowship.  We are a non-denominational ecumenical fellowship that welcomes both believers and non-believers to our group. If we are to be successful in doing what is being asked of humanity by God, whether you believe or not, we must learn these lessons and work to fulfill our mutual destinies.

Rev. Devon Noll uses God's Gospel , God's New Word for the 21st Century. (It was formerly published as I AM:  A New Testament for All of Mankind, Second Edition, but Rev. Noll changed the title to more accurately reflect the contents of the text.)    It is a message that is vital to ALL MANKIND AND TO THE EARTH at this time in our world's history. She will also be drawing lessons and topics for sermons from the Bible, the Koran, the teachings of Buddha, and other sources in an effort to show that all spiritual belief systems and the virtues held by atheists are the same and that by reaching out to each other we can create a better world.

The following pages will allow you to order copies of God's Gospel, for a small tax-deductible donation to cover costs; learn about church doctrines and its statement of faith; and reach out to support the work of the Fellowship as it expands to reach more and more people. You can can also read and copy free copies of sermons and lessons given by Rev. Noll if you would like them for contemplation, sharing, or just furthering your understanding of God's New Word.

The church's new logo is based on the underlying message from the Ten Lessons.  God tells us that He wants us to come together and create a better world through balancing our lives and our planet.  He reveals that Earth is the Eden of the Bible and the Koran, and that we must steward it and care for it once again.  The seedling in the logo reflects a renewal of Eden.  The roots of the seedling represent the five races of Man:  African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Native American/Aboriginal, and that we must feed the seedling if it is to grow, just as roots feed a young seedling.  The background of the Yin and Yang symbol represents the goal of bringing balance to all of life.  The church has chosen this logo as being the best representation without being connected to any one religious or spiritual system and reflecting things that both believers in God and atheists and agnostics can come together on.  

The Church welcomes you to these pages and hopes that by coming together through learning God's New Word and sharing ideas and projects in your communities and with others that you will find ways to save the planet, reconnect with God and with each other.  Please feel free to contact Rev. Noll at anytime for more information about the church, its work now and in the future, and God's New Word.

So, once again, Welcome to the New Word Universal Fellowship Church.